Expertises and estimates

Would you like to know what your treasures are worth?

Whether it is a single piece or an entire estate, we appraise, determine the market value and prepare expert reports on your antiques.

We evaluate for: Private clients, communities of heirs, guardians of estates and executors of wills, guardians, insurance companies, banks, etc.

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    € 45,00

    Here, a sole price estimate of your property is made, stating a value amount.

    A certain price range is given, e.g. € 300.00 - 400.00.

    Please note that the market value of the item is estimated, which may differ from the sale value.

    € 89,00

    In addition to stating the value amount of your property, the valuation contains additional information about your property.

    This information can be very helpful for a possible sale or for you personally.

    Cost calculation based on time spent, € 94.00 per hour (consultation required)

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